Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Car Title Loans?

We service several customers with varying needs.  Anyone needing quick cash to tide over a difficult situation can apply for Car Title loans. It is by far the easiest solution to address complex financial problems.

How is a car title loan defined?

In simple terms, a car title loan means a cash advance against the clear and free title of an automobile.  No other credit check is necessary to be approved for a car title loan.

What details are needed for a car title loan?

A photo ID, income proof, a clear and marketable title to your vehicle, and details of your car are what we need.

What if the car title has more than one name on it?

We expect the automobile to be owned by the borrower. However, there can be exceptions, and you should check with our customer service representative.

How can you determine if the title is clear and free?

If the title carries no name as a lienholder or has the words “No lien, ” the car title is considered clear and free. We can also assist you to verify if your car title is clear and free.

How long is the approval process?

In most situations you can apply online, and it takes less than one hour to receive an estimate of approval. Once you accept our loan offer, you can collect the cash or check in just a few minutes.

What is the maximum amount offered for a car title loan?

It depends on the condition of your car and your ability to clear the loan amount. In the state of Missouri you can borrow up to $15,000