5 Ways to Make Money Fast

We can never predict the time when we will need money urgently. Be it for paying off tuition fees or meeting medical expenses after an accident, getting hard cash to spend at these times can be a crucial thing. When things boil down to having a pressing need to be addressed and no hard cash with you, you will need means to make some money really fast. To legitimately make money in a short span of time, you can do the following:

Borrowing money for urgent needs is no big sin. While friends and family can be the first option, there are limits to which they can cover your needs. Here are five ways to make money fast:

Title Loans

Did you know your car can cover your monetary needs too? Title loans are a popular source of getting money fast. All you need is a car that has its title of ownership registered under your name. You can easily avail title loans online, and you will have to fill up a short form which contains details like the make, model, and mileage of the car. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, the money is all yours after transferring the title of the car to the lending company. Good news is you can apply for a title loan right here online. You can use your car even after borrowing money, and reclaim the title once you pay back.

Payday Loans

If you are certain that you will get paid by the company you work for in a short time, then you can opt for payday loans. Payday loans work in such a way that you get an advance amount close to your salary, and you pay back this amount on your payday, with interest. These loans are unsecured and do have a few risks associated with them. However, there are usury laws to ensure nothing fraudulent happens.


One of the most overlooked sources of income is right in your storeroom. Old daily papers, waste bottles (plastic and glass) and almost all other discarded items can fetch you cash in the recycling store. To be honest recycling can bring in about 40 – 50 cents per pound at the local recycling plant. Though the income can be meager as things are taken by weight and not value, it’s still a good source of revenue.

Selling Your Possessions

If you have an extra watch or a smartphone that you don’t need any more, it can get you some cash. Go to the nearest pawn shop or even gadget store to sell it. If it’s in good condition, then you might even get a decent amount for it.

Do Odd Jobs

There’s never a shortage of work when you’re looking in the right places. A neighbor who needs his laundry done or car washed can be a great source of income. And the best part is these chores can be done pretty easy and fast, and you get paid right after!

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